Participate in Research

Dear Parents,

We all experience stressful experiences in our lives.  Have you or your child experienced stressful events? Are you interested in understanding more about the impact of these experiences on your child?  There are numerous opportunities for becoming involved in our research studies.

Here at the Stress and Development Lab at Boston Children's Hospital, we are working to shed light on how stressful life experiences influence brain and behavior development in children and adolescents.  We are also working to develop clinical and educational interventions to promote healthy mental and physical health in children who have experienced stress and adversity. 

We hope that by better understanding the relationship between stressful life experiences and child development and intervening among children who have experienced stressors, we can promote healthy social, emotional, and brain development in our children.

How to Participate in Research

It’s easy to participate!!  If you and your child are interested in participating in a study, simply call or send us an email.  If there is a specific study you are interested in, let us know.  For a description of current studies, see the link for Ongoing Studies at the left. 

Email Us: Sonia Alves

Call Us: 857-218-3234