Lab Members

Principal Investigator



Massachusetts Institute of Technology (BS, MS, PhD)
MIT, Harvard University, Harvard School of Public Health (Post-doctoral)

Current Position

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

I completed my undergraduate and graduate studies at MIT and received a PhD in the field of Underwater Acoustics. For several years I conducted research in this field, first studying the acoustic environment under the ice cap in the Arctic ocean and later acoustic wave propagation in shallow water.  I switched fields and transitioned into Neuroscience in 2004. Following post-doctoral training in Neuroscience (MIT) and Biostatistics (Harvard School of Public Health), I joined the faculty at Harvard Medical School in 2009. My broad research interests are in computational Neuroscience, signal processing, neurostatistics and bioinformatics. 

Current Members


Christopher Rees, PhD

Post-doctoral Research Fellow


Peter Calvaresi 
Undergraduate Researcher


Victoria Lopez

Undergraduate Researcher

Makayla Durant
Undergraduate Researcher, Project Success
Office for Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership
Harvard Medical School


Amanda Francis   Katherine Dorfman
Currently at University of Pennsylvania                    Currently at Brandeis University 

Amanda Francis                                             Katherine Dorfman