What Parents Have to Say

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Watch the video below to hear what parents and kids have to say about participating in studies at the LCN.


What Parents Have to Say...

  • "My daughter and I enjoyed our visit very much. She loved her gifts and talked about the experience the whole way home! And, today she is wearing her t-shirt to school to show the kids and her teachers. We were pleased to do the study and help in any way we can."
    Christine, Mother of a Participant in the Other-Age Study
  • "The girls in the lab are incredible...my children just love coming in and my family always feels extremely welcome. I think this project is wonderful and I am happy my children could be a part of something so promising. Keep up the great work!!"
    Shannon, Mother of Participants in the Infant-Sibling Project
  • "My daughter really enjoyed the study! She told the girl she met in the restaurant that night all about it and took the picture to her school and showed it during show and tell. The researchers at the LCN are all great with kids and we would like to continue to help in any way we can."
    Melissa, Mother of a Participant in the Other-Age Study
  • "Everyone I met was exceptionally friendly and helpful. They take the time to explain everything that is going to happen and will answer all of your questions...sometimes twice. The girls are great with babies and seem to really enjoy what they are doing. I think we are so lucky to be able to be a part of any research that will give us more insight into how our babies develop. We would come back to the labs in a heartbeat!"
    Stacey, Participant & Mother of a Participant in the Other-Age Study


If you are a parent who has participated in a study and would like to offer some feedback on your experience for this page, please e-mail our Recruitment Associate!