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Welcome from Dr. Nelson

Hello from the Labs of Cognitive Neuroscience!

Whether you have already taken part in our studies or have recently joined our growing participant registry, I appreciate your interest in our work. Everything we learn about child development is made possible through the participation of families like yours!

Since the labs' founding in Boston in 2005, we have been busy expanding our research programs into new age groups and areas of study. While our studies on infant memory development and face-processing remain a key focus of our work, we now have numerous studies for older children, including topics like the effect of stress on memory and attention, and several looking at the relationship between musical training and reading development. Please feel free to visit the Ongoing Research section of our site to learn more about current studies and how you can participate.

Collaborating with child development experts from across Boston and around the world, our researchers are also engaged in studies focused on populations of children at risk for certain neurocognitive impairments. In Romania, where we helped to initiate the Bucharest Early Intervention Project, our ongoing work has demonstrated how the placement of children from orphanages into foster homes benefits their behavioral, social, and cognitive development. Here in Massachusetts, we are working with local families to identify potential early neurobehavioral markers of Autism Spectrum Disorders which might appear during infancy. 

I am excited about our continued research in the realm of child development and the many possibilities it holds to improve the lives of children and their families. I invite you to explore our website or contact our research team directly to learn more about the nature of our studies. Thank you again for your interest in our work. I look forward to meeting you at a study session in the near future!

Warm wishes,

Charles A. Nelson, III
Professor of Pediatrics and Neuroscience
Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
Professor in the Department of Society, Human Development and Health, Harvard School of Public Health
Richard David Scott Chair in Pediatric Developmental Medicine Research and Director of Research in the Division of Developmental Medicine, Boston Children's Hospital