Take a Tour of the Labs

Leo arrives at our Labs at 1 Autumn St., right down the street from Children's. It was easy to find with the bright blue awning out front!

Leo hops in the elevator and pushes the button for our floor. Can you guess what number it is?

Leo finds our door on the 6th floor and rings the bell. One of the researchers will come right away to let him in!

Leo gets to play with some toys in our play room while his mom talks to the researchers. What do you think he will build with the legos? What would you build?

Leo gets ready for the study in the aquarium room! The special cap lets the researchers see what his brain is doing. And he has a special button so that he can press it when he sees the right picture! Can you see the painting on the wall behind him? What has the octopus found?

Leo looks at lots of pictures during the study. When a special picture of a fish pops up, he knows it's time to press the button. What do you see in the picture he's looking at now? Is it a fish?

Leo did such a great job in the study! To say 'thanks' for helping us, the researcher lets Leo pick out a toy from our toy closet when he is all done. What do you think he will choose?

Leo loves to run and play outside, so he chooses a basketball. What do you like to play?

On his way out, Leo stops to look at one of the murals in our lobby. He recognizes some of his jungle friends in the painting. What kinds of animals do you see?

Thank you for taking a tour of the labs! We hope you had fun seeing what it's like to participate in a study--we would love to have you come visit us sometime soon as well!