Fiebiger Laboratory | Lab Members

The Fiebiger Lab has members of all academic levels, including Harvard Faculty, Research Fellows, Post-Doctoral Fellows, a Research Assistant/Lab Manager, and volunteer research students from nearby local University. Our lab also hosts several international student exchange programs for students at the undergraduate and graduate level (diploma and PhD thesis).

Current Fiebiger Laboratory Members

Edda Fiebiger, PhD - Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

Barbara Platzer, PhD - Instructor in Pediatrics

Willem S. Lexmond, MD - PhD student, University of

Madeleine Stout, BA - Research assistant

Benjamin Sallis - Mast thesis student, BC

Lina Wendeler - Mast thesis student, University of Muenchen

Stephen Babcock

Justin Jacobse - Mast thesis student, Biomedical sciences program, Leiden University

Former Lab Members

Theresa Singleton,
President, Singleton Science LLC.

Eleonora Dehlink, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor in Pediatrics, Medical University of Vienna

Marc-Andre Wurbel, PhD
Senior Scientist II at AbbVie Inc.

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