Faja Laboratory | Research Coordinators

Addie ShermanAddie Sherman

Addie earned her B.A. in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, and worked in labs focusing on the development on self-regulation and differing patterns of neural activity and reward-based behavior in children and adolescents. She then decided to further her knowledge and passion for studying the developmental patterns of children by pursuing her M.A. in Developmental Psychology from San Francisco State University. Her thesis delved into the emergence of anxiety and depression in Chinese adolescents while also examining the potential buffering effects of mindfulness. After taking a few years to catch her breath and expand the breadth of her clinical and research skills, she plans to achieve a Ph.D. in Developmental Neuroscience. Aside from broadening her commitment to better understanding the mechanisms working within child development, she often enjoys watching her extremely uncoordinated dog attempt to engage in activities that require extreme coordination.

Luisa BuitragoLuisa Buitrago

Luisa graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts Boston in 2015. For three years, she worked as a project coordinator at the ABCD Early Screening Project at UMass Boston. There, she helped Latino families with first time ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) diagnosis. Luisa is especially interested in health disparities and understanding the role of demographic factors on the amount of Early Intervention services received by toddlers with ASD. She is thrilled to be working on the Autism Biomarkers Consortium for Clinical Trials (ABC-CT) project in the Faja lab and plans to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology. In her spare time, Luisa rock climbs, drinks sparkling water, and visits her family in Colombia and Spain.