Survey Software

Survey research is an invaluable tool when used in clinical investigations. Research activities such as patient satisfaction and quality improvement as well as public health and epidemiologic studies benefit tremendously from well designed and administered survey instruments. Furthermore, many researchers are now using Internet and Web-based technologies to increase survey accessibility and facilitate data collection.

In response to a growing demand for IT services, the Clinical Research Informatics Team (CRIT) has added electronic survey capabilities to its solutions platform. The CRIT now offers researchers access to Web-based software to quickly develop, deploy and manage interactive surveys through the Internet.

The CRIT employs a full-featured enterprise software application (Checkbox Solutions) that is easy to use and operate. Surveys may be designed and managed directly over the Web with no programming experience required. The application’s features include:

  • Create Web-based surveys using only a Web browser
  • Unlimited questions and pages for every survey
  • Powerful branching and conditional logic of survey content
  • Customizable survey style sheets
  • Real-time reporting of respondent data
  • Data exports to SPSS file format

In addition, the software provides many security options to ensure data safety. All surveys are administered using a secure connection and the software supports anonymous as well as password protected access. For example, researchers may create individual usernames and passwords for prospective participants and track respondent data online.

Surveys may be deployed in a variety of settings to meet research needs. For example, the software may be used to generate and send email invitations automatically. Researchers can track the disposition of each invitation and generate follow-up correspondence directly through the application. The surveys can be hosted conveniently within public or departmental Web sites, and are accessible using a Tablet PC or any Web-enabled mobile device.

The CRIT survey software is available for use by all members of the clinical research community. However, researchers must establish a collaborative working relationship with the CRP and obtain IRB approval prior to deploying surveys. Please contact the CRP directly for more information and access to these services. Specific questions regarding the enterprise software should be directed to the CRIT team.

Software Demonstration