Online Collaboration

The CRIT in cooperation with teams from ISD Knowledge Management and Operations provides research teams with a combination of tools to enhance project management and team collaboration.

Microsoft SharePoint (Intranet)

The ISD Document Management team provides full support for Microsoft Office SharePoint Services. SharePoint, a Microsoft product currently implemented at CHB as the “eLibrary,” provides the technical foundation for the Hospital’s document repository. SharePoint is integrated with Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Instant Messaging and supports contributor collaboration and communication. It allows users to leverage familiar tools to create versioned documents in a secure environment.

SharePoint provides research teams with a Web-based alternative to traditional network file share systems and FTP sites. Unlike shared drives, the eLibrary allows authorized users to create secure libraries, assign access privileges, maintain single source documents, work in a flexible, collaborative environment, and implement approval workflow. The eLibrary content is cataloged with meta-data, and can be presented in customized views to target topics or audiences.

The product may be used to manage multidisciplinary research teams and coordinate the details of complex projects. Project management features include the following.

  • Track tasks and timelines

  • List event and broadcast notifications

  • Create collaborative Wikis

  • Share contact information

  • Create custom lists and links

Details regarding the clinical protocol and IRB application review can be shared securely between study team members. In addition, standard operating procedures and case report forms can be posted online for easy access. Finalized data sets and manuscript materials can be distributed to team members too.

Microsoft SharePoint (Extranet)

The Clinical Research Extranet (CRE) was established to provide simple document and project management facilities to multi-institutional research projects. Unlike the fully-functional eLibrary, the Research Extranet is a customized, simplified version of Microsoft SharePoint Services. Research team sites are permitted have the following features and functionality.

  • A Document Library

  • Custom Lists

  • Wiki Pages

  • Blog Pages

  • Limited to 5 GB of disk space

Additional terms of use apply for extranet access. Please contact the CRIT for additional information on these services.

Adobe Connect (Breeze)

Research team may also employ the Adobe Acrobat Connect (Breeze) system. This system is sponsored and supported by CHB Knowledge Management (KM) Technical Documentation and CRIT teams.

The Breeze system is hosted on the CHB secure network and offers a wide range of functionality. This functionality includes online text chat, video and audio capabilities. These features are bidirectional, which permit focus group participants to interact with each other in a virtual, but private setting.

The Breeze servers are located physically in the ISD Data Center. All of the chat, video and audio recordings are stored on the server in a secure Microsoft SQL Server database. All users must be preapproved and authenticated prior to obtaining access to the Breeze software. The KM team supervises and governs access to the Breeze system.

This system can be used to enhance the research processes including

  • Coordinating online meetings between disparate team members

  • Conducting focus group evaluations

  • Hosting online trainings for multi-site clinical trials

Please contact the ISD for more information regarding the Breeze system, or access the Adobe Web site for more information on product capabilities.