Biostatistics and Research Design faculty and staff can collaborate with investigator on:

Protocol Development 

We can ensure that the study objectives and endpoints are well defined, measurable and feasible and advise on appropriate design and methods.  Members can write protocol sections related to research aims, data collection and data management methods, registration and randomization, sample size and power, statistical analysis methods and interim monitoring.

Grant Preparation

We can ensure that the specific aims are well defined, measurable and feasible, and advise on appropriate design and methods. Members can write various sections including research aims and statistical methods

Study design and planning

We provide advice on the most efficient, valid, and feasible study design (cohort, case control, prospective, retrospective, cross sectional, randomized clinical trial, etc.) as well as advice on

Appropriate selection of the sample from the target population

  • Choice of control group(s),
  • Strategies for recruitment and retention
  • Data collection methods
  • Database design

In addition, we provide guidance on design issues that are unique to the following methodologies:

  • Qualitative studies (use of focus groups, semi-structured or cognitive interviews)
  • Survey Research: (instrument creation/validation, sampling and data collection methods, i.e., in-person or telephone interviews, mail surveys, web surveys)
  • Health Econometrics: (cost impact, cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit evaluations)


We generate randomization schemes and assignments for single- and double-blind studies. Members work in conjunction with the Research Pharmacy for the implementation of investigator-initiated randomized trials.

Data analysis

Analyze study data, provide interpretation of statistical analysis results, including interpretation of previously published results as well as results of ongoing analyses. This includes guidance on and development of:

  • Statistical graphics and tabular displays of data
  • Interim or final data analyses
  • Data and safety monitoring board reports

In addition, we provide support for analysis issues that are unique to:

  • Qualitative studies (advice on how to analyze qualitative data including transcribing and coding of focus groups and interviews)
  • Survey research (data analysis from complex survey design, including the use of post-survey adjustments and post-stratification weights)
  • Econometrics research  (advise on cost impact, cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit analysis and other types of economic evaluations)

Manuscript preparation

Contribute to the writing of manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed scientific journals and prepare abstracts and presentations for scientific meetings.