PCMM |2013

Release of cellular tension signals self-restorative ventral lamellipodia to heal barrier micro-wounds
Martinelli, R. Kamei, M. Sage, P. T. Massol, R. Varghese, L. Sciuto, T. Toporsian, M. Dvorak, A. M. Kirchhausen, T. Springer, T. A. Carman, C. V.
The Journal of cell biology (2013), Volume: 201, Issue: 3, Pages: 449-65 (PDF)

Similar uptake but different trafficking and escape routes of reovirus virions and ISVPs imaged in polarized MDCK cells
Boulant, S. Stanifer, M. Kural, C. Cureton, D. K. Massol, R. Nibert, M. L. Kirchhausen, T.
Molecular biology of the cell (2013) (PDF)

The small molecule dispergo tubulates the endoplasmic reticulum and inhibits export
Lu, L. Hannoush, R. N. Goess, B. C. Varadarajan, S. Shair, M. D. Kirchhausen, T.
Molecular biology of the cell (2013) (PDF)

Endocytosis and recycling of immune complexes by follicular dendritic cells enhances B cell antigen binding and activation
Heesters, B. A. Chatterjee, P. Kim, Y. A. Gonzalez, S. F. Kuligowski, M. P. Kirchhausen, T. Carroll, M. C.
Immunity (2013), Volume: 38, Issue: 6, Pages: 1164-75 (PDF)

Uptake of rabies virus into epithelial cells by clathrin-mediated endocytosis depends upon actin
Piccinotti, S. Kirchhausen, T. Whelan, S. P.
Journal of Virology (2013) (PDF)

Live-Cell Visualization of Pre-mRNA Splicing with Single-Molecule Sensitivity
Martin, R. M. Rino, J. Carvalho, C. Kirchhausen, T. Carmo-Fonseca, M.
Cell Reports (2013) 

Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis Persists during Unperturbed Mitosis
Tacheva-Grigorova, S. K. Santos, A. J. Boucrot, E. Kirchhausen, T.
Cell Reports (2013), Volume: 4, Issue: 4, Pages: 659-68