PCMM | 2014

RIG-I forms signaling-competent filaments in an ATP-dependent, ubiquitin-independent manner.
Peisley A, Wu B, Yao H, Walz T, Hur S.
Mol Cell. 2013 Sep 12;51(5):573-83. -- Highlighted in Faculty1000Prime

Multi-level regulation of cellular recognition of viral dsRNA. 
Alys Peisley & Sun Hur
Cell Mol Life Sci. (2013), Volume: 70, Pages: 1949-63. 

Structural Basis for dsRNA recognition, filament formation and antiviral signaling by MDA5.
Bin Wu, Alys Peisley, Claire Richards, Hui Yao, Xiaohui Zeng, Cecilie Lin, Feixia Chu, Thomas Walz and Sun Hur 
Cell (2013), Volume: 152, Pages: 276-89. -- Highlighted in Nat. Rev. Immunol. (2013), 13:153

Viral counterattack against the host innate immune system
Bin Wu and Sun Hur
Cell Research (2013), Volume: 23, Pages: 735-6