PCMM | 2016

Long neural genes harbor recurrent DNA break clusters in neural stem/progenitor cells.
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Sequential activation and distinct functions for distal and proximal modules within the IgH 3' regulatory region.
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Transcription-associated processes cause DNA double-strand breaks and translocations in neural stem/progenitor cells. 
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Detecting DNA double-stranded breaks in mammalian genomes by linear amplification-mediated high-throughput genome-wide translocation sequencing.
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An Ectopic CTCF Binding Element Inhibits Tcrd Rearrangement by Limiting Contact between Vδ and Dδ Gene Segments.
Chen L, Zhao L, Alt FW, Krangel MS.
J Immunol (2016), Volume: 197, Issue: 8, Pages: 3188-3197

Induction of HIV Neutralizing Antibody Lineages in Mice with Diverse Precursor Repertoires
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PAXX and XLF DNA repair factors are functionally redundant in joining DNA breaks in a G1-arrested progenitor B-cell line.
Kumar V, Alt FW, Frock RL.
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Orientation-specific RAG activity in chromosomal loop domains contributes to Tcrd V(D)J recombination during T cell development.
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Highly sensitive and unbiased approach for elucidating antibody repertoires.
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Pillars Article: A Functional T3 Molecule Associated with a Novel Heterodimer on the Surface of Immature Human Thymocytes. Nature. 1986. 322: 179-181.
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