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Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase (PI3K)delta blockade increases genomic instability in B cells.
Compagno, M., Wang, Q., Pighi, C., Cheong, T-C., Meng, F-L., Poggio, T., Yeap, L-S., Karaca, E., Blasco, R.B., Langellotto, F., Ambrogio, C., Voena, C., Wiestner, A., Kasar, S.N., Brown, J.R., Sun, J., Wu, C.J., Gostissa, M., Alt, F.W. and Chiarle, R.
Nature. 2017 Feb 23;542(7642):489-493. PMC5382874.

Human Ig knockin mice to study the development and regulation of HIV-1 broadly neutralizing antibodies.
Verkoczy, L., Alt, F.W. and Tian, M.
Immunol. Rev.  275, 89-107.  PMC5300080