PCMM | 2011

von Willebrand factor-mediated platelet adhesion is critical for deep vein thrombosis in mouse models. 
Brill A, Fuchs TA, Chauhan AK, Yang JJ, De Meyer SF, Kollnberger M, Wakefield TW, Lammle B, Massberg S, Wagner DD.
Blood. 2011;117(4):1400-1407. PMCID: 3056477.

Platelet glycoprotein Ibalpha is an important mediator of ischemic stroke in mice.
De Meyer SF, Schwarz T, Schatzberg D, Wagner DD. 
Exp Transl Stroke Med. 2011;3:9. PMCID: 3180255.

Increased efficacy of breast cancer chemotherapy in thrombocytopenic mice.
Demers M, Ho-Tin-Noe B, Schatzberg D, Yang JJ, Wagner DD. 
Cancer Res. 2011;71(5):1540-1549. PMCID: 3078642.

The development of inflammatory joint disease is attenuated in mice expressing the anticoagulant prothrombin mutant W215A/E217A 
Flick MJ, Chauhan AK, Frederick M, Talmage KE, Kombrinck KW, Miller W, Mullins ES, Palumbo JS, Zheng X, Esmon NL, Esmon CT, Thornton S, Becker A, Pelc LA, Di Cera E, Wagner DD, Degen JL.. 
Blood. 2011;117(23):6326-6337. PMCID: 3122951.

Histones induce rapid and profound thrombocytopenia in mice.
Fuchs TA, Bhandari AA, Wagner DD. 
Blood. 2011;118(13):3708-3714. PMCID: 3186342.

How platelets safeguard vascular integrity.
Ho-Tin-Noe B, Demers M, Wagner DD. 
J Thromb Haemost. 2011;9 Suppl 1:56-65. PMCID: 3229170.

Rap1a activation by CalDAG-GEFI and p38 MAPK is involved in E-selectin-dependent slow leukocyte rolling.
Stadtmann A, Brinkhaus L, Mueller H, Rossaint J, Bolomini-Vittori M, Bergmeier W, Van Aken H, Wagner DD, Laudanna C, Ley K, Zarbock A. 
Eur J Immunol. 2011;41(7):2074-2085. PMCID: 3124568.