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Peptidylarginine deiminase 4 promotes age-related organ fibrosis.
Martinod K, Witsch T, Erpenbeck L, Savchenko A, Hayashi H, Cherpokova D, Gallant M, Mauler M, Cifuni SM, Wagner DD. 
J. Exp. Med. 2017 Feb;214(2):439-458. PMID: 28031479. PMC5294849.


Erpenbeck L, Demers M, Zsengeller Z, Gallant M, Cifuni S, Stillman IE, Karumanchi SA, Wagner DD  

JASN.2016, 27(1): 120-31. (PDF)

PAD4 deficiency decreases inflammation and susceptibility to pregnancy loss in a mouse model. 
Erpenbeck L, Chowdhury C, Zsengelle ZK, Gallant M, Burke SD, Cifuni S, Hahn S, Wagner DD, Karumanchi A.
Biology of Reproduction. Volume: 95 (6), Pages:0, 1-11. 2016 Dec;95(6):132. PMID: 28007693.

Limiting prothrombin activation to meizothrombin is compatible with survival but significantly alters hemostasis in mice.

Shaw MA, Kombrinck KW, McElhinney KE, Sweet DR, Flick MJ, Palumbo JS, Cheng M, Esmon NL, Esmon CT, Brill A, Wagner DD, Degen JL, Mullins ES.
Blood. Volume: 128 (5), Pages: 721-31 

Priming of neutrophils toward NETosis promotes tumor growth. 
Demers M, Wong SL, Martinod K, Gallant M, Cabral JE, Wang Y, Wagner DD. 
Oncoimmunology. Volume: 5 (5) 

Mx1 reveals innate pathways to antiviral resistance and lethal influenza disease
Pillai PS, Molony RD, Martinod K, Dong H, Pang IK, Tal MC, Solis AG, Bielecki P, Mohanty S, Trentalange M, Homer RJ, Flavell RA, Wagner DD, Montgomery RR, Shaw AC, Staeheli P, Iwasaki A. 
Science. Volume: 352(6284), Pages: 463-6 

OC-16 - Neutrophil extracellular traps and tissue factor-bearing microvesicles: a liaison dangereuse causing overt DIC in cancer patients? 
Hell L, Thaler J, Martinod K, Ay C, Posch F, Wagner DD, Pabinger I. 
Thromb Res. 

NETosis promotes cancer-associated arterial microthrombosis presenting as ischemic stroke with troponin elevation.  
Thålin C, Demers M, Blomgren B, Wong SL, von Arbin M, von Heijne A, Laska AC, Wallén H, Wagner DD, Aspberg S.  
Thromb Res. Volume: 139, Pages: 56-64.

Neutrophil elastase-deficient mice form neutrophil extracellular traps in an experimental model of deep vein thrombosis. 

Martinod K, Witsch T, Farley K, Gallant M, Remold-O'Donnell E, Wagner DD.  
J Thromb Haemost. Volume: 14(3), Pages:551-8