PCMM |Flow and Imaging Cytometry Resource

The Flow and Imaging Cytometry Resource (FICR) provides training and consulting on the fluorescence-activated cell sorting, in vivo molecular imaging and imaging cytometry to all laboratories in the Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine and research groups at the Boston Children's Hospital, and to Harvard Medical School scientific community on case-by-case basis. The facility offers access to the state of the art instrumentation, such as the 3-lasers FACSAria, 4-lasers FACSAria located in BL2+-facility, 18-parameters 5-lasers FACSAria SORP equipped with unique 300 mW laser and FCS-photomultiplier for sorting microobjects, molecular imager IVIS Spectrum, imaging cytometer Imagestream 100 and two 8-colors FACSCanto. Fee-for-services and training inquires should be directed to Flow and Imaging Cytometry Resource Lab Manager Kenneth Ketman.

FICR Staff:

Natasha Barteneva, M.D.,Ph.D. Director   617.713.8930 
Derrick Rossi, Ph.D. Faculty Co-Director
Florian Winau, M.D. Faculty Co-Director
Kenneth Ketman Research Specialist