Precision Link Biobank for Health Discovery

Child with MicroscopeThe Precision Link Biobank for Health Discovery was established to create an institutional resource of health information and Child with Microscopebiospecimens from our patients and their families. Participants give a one-time consent for access to their medical information and collection of residual specimens. This allows for a broad range of genomics, biomarker, and epidemiological research.

The Precision Link Biobank for Health Discovery creates a mechanism to engage patients across the hospital in our research mission. Participants are recruited in different clinical settings across the hospital ranging from outpatient primary care and speciality clinics to inpatient floors and intensive care units. Through the Biobank, each visit becomes an opportunity to build a knowledge base of both omics and phenotypic data and create a learning health system here at Boston Children's Hospital.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Florence Bourgeois, MD, MPH or Erin Borglund, MPH.