Precision Link

Precision Link drives coherence between the Boston Children's Hospital research and clinical missions by establishing the technology, policies and workflows to engage our patients in research, and treating each visit as an opportunity to build a learning health system culture here at Children’s. Precision Link strives to build a knowlegebase of both omics and phenotypic data on the patients walking through our doors--for use in population research as well as in care.

The components of Precision Link include:

  • Boston Children’s Hospital Biobank for Health Discovery. The Biobank collects samples and health information from patients and families and stores them for use in future studies by Children’s researchers and their collaborators.

  • The Genomics Research and Innovation Network (GRIN), a new collaboration launching among Boston Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, designed to help scientists make novel molecular discoveries, accelerate translating genomic findings to clinical care, and establish a culture of collaborative genomic medicine across pediatrics.

  • Collaboration with the Department of Pharmacy and the Division of Genetics and Genomics. BCH has offered targeted pharmacogenomic clinical testing and interpretation since August 2012, and is currently accepting referrals from all services. 

  • Collaboration with the new Harvard Medical School Department of Biomedical Informatics to develop information technology and clinical innovation.

Precision Link is led by Dr. Kenneth Mandl