Erin Syverson, MD

College: University of Rochester

Medical School: Jefferson Medical College

Residency: Children's National Medical Center

Mentor: David Breault, MD, PhD


Syverson EP, McCarter R, He J, D’Angelo L, Tuchman LK.  Adolescents’ perceptions of transition importance, readiness, and likelihood of future success: the role of anticipatory guidance.  Clin Pediatr (forthcoming).

Poster Presentations and Exhibits Presented at Professional Meetings:

Phillips EE, Nordeen E, Nordeen K.  The Avian Basal Ganglia Are Implicated in the Memorization Stage of Song Learning.  Poster presentation at: University of Rochester Undergraduate Program in Biology & Medicine Poster Symposium, Rochester, NY, October 2007.

Phillips EE, Mohanty S.  Exploring Health Careers – A Community Partnership.  Poster presentation at: Bridging the Gaps 19th Annual Symposium, Philadelphia, PA, September 2009.

Badal MK, Kebede A, Phillips E, Lloyd B. Cefepime induced neurotoxicity [Abstract]. Journal of General Internal Medicine 26: S461-S462, May 2011.

Phillips EE, Tuchman LK.  Improving Health Care Transition: Development of a Comprehensive Transition Program at Goldberg Outpatient Centers.  Poster presentation at: Children’s National Medical Center Research & Education Week, Washington, DC, April 2015.

Syverson EP, Conklin L.  A Retrospective Analysis of Long and Frequent Hospitalizations in Pediatric Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.  Poster presentation at: NASPGHAN Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course, Washington, DC, October 2015.