Pediatric Anesthesia Clinical and Research Internship (PACaRI)

Interns 2019

Now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 cycle. Please send your resume, cover letter and writing sample to

The Pediatric Anesthesia Clinical and Research Internship was started in 2010. The Program offers a unique opportunity for students to work on a research project while also training as an anesthesia technician (9-month internship only) or observing/shadowing in the operating room (summer internship). The Program provides clinical and basic science research opportunities to students who are preparing for or are in medical school. Students are matched with a distinguished member of Boston Children's Hospital faculty, and are involved in a research study from inception to manuscript preparation. Both clinical and lab environments provide challenging projects and involve a broad range of research techniques. The Program culminates with a research symposium, where students engage in discussions and present findings on their individual projects in front of their peers, faculty, and Program leaders. 

PACaRI's Mission Statement: 

To inspire and promote learning and acquisition of clinical and research skills in future leaders and clinicians so that they may become outstanding investigators and lifelong learners who aspire to serve the needs of their community and contribute to the advancement of global healthcare.

Guiding Principles and Goals:

  • To create an environment of innovation by bringing together research and clinical practice across a broad spectrum of science and medical fields. Challenging the students to think creatively will inspire their participation in future research, innovations and discoveries of new and ground-breaking care models.
  • To integrate education and research: Students participate in research by working with an accomplished faculty member; each faculty member teaches and engages in research to foster excellence and creativity
  • To lay the foundation for world-class physicians and health care leaders that will provide innovative paradigms and new perspectives to bridge the gaps between reducing healthcare costs, while maintaining or improving patient outcomes is a critical component of overall reform.

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Izabela Leahy, RN, BSN, MS, Program Director

Amanda Baier, MPH, Program Manager