Seminar Series and PRADA Grand Rounds

Seminar Series and PRADA Grand Rounds X

Seminar Series

Each month, we invite guests, many of which being Harvard-affiliated faculty, to speak on a wide variety of topics ranging from clinical and/or research careers to patient interaction to achieving work/life balance.

Examples of past talks include:

-Scientific Writing with Lydia A. Shrier, MD, MPH
-The PhDecision: Considerations for Prospective Students with Tom Koperniak, PhD
-Stretching your dollar & managing your finances
-Epidemiology of Eating Disorders & Obesity
-Careers in Clinical Psychology Panel
-Enduring racial disparities in health care
-The important role of research assistants, and characteristics that allow them to succeed in their role with Carleen A. Brunelli, PhD, MBA, Vice President, Research Administration, Boston Children's Hospital

Mini Grand Rounds

Our twice annual Mini Grand Rounds give RA/Cs the opportunity to present their work to fellow RA/Cs and faculty in a formal setting. For each iteration, our committee selects three applicants that represent basic/translational research, clinical research, and innovative technology to help expose RA/Cs to work different than their own.

As most events take place during the lunch hour (12-1pm), complimentary lunch is provided!

Grand Rounds
PRADA members listen attentively as a fellow RA presents on BRD7 regulation of XBP1 activity and glucose homeostasis during Mini Grand Rounds - Spring 201

Mini Grand Round 3
PRADA members listen attentively as Alexandra Grzywna presents on the prediction of treatment success for initial cast correction on Infantile Scoliosis- Spring 2015