Manton Center for Orphan Disease Research | Our Team

The Manton Center's Core Faculty currently conducts research that involves patients and scientific collaborators from The United States and 38 other nations around the globe. In Children's laboratories and clinics, the world's most talented and creative doctors and researchers combine their individual and collective expertise to pinpoint the genetic underpinnings of orphan diseases. These scientists are working to uncover exactly how disease processes work and how they can be interrupted or stopped.

Alan Beggs, PhDAlan H. Beggs, PhD
Director, The Manton Center for Orphan Disease Research



Pankaj Agrawal, MD 

Pankaj Agrawal, MD, MMSc
Medical Director, Gene Discovery Core




Catherine Brownstein, MPH, PhD 


Catherine Brownstein, PhD
Scientific Director, Gene Discovery Core




  Klaus Schmitz-Abe, PhD

  Bioinformatician and Data Manager



Jill Madden, PhD, MSc

Project Manager

Casie GenettiCasie Genetti, MS, CGC
Project Manager and

Genetic Counselor 





  Neeharika Nori
  Research Assistant

  Heather Paterson

  Research Assistant


Former GDC Members:

Meghan Towne, MS, CGC

Renee Pelletier

Morgan Danowski

Grace VanNoy, MS, CGC

Tina Truong

Talia Schwartz 

Katie Dunn