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United Kingdom

NEW!!! Conference Celebrating 20 years with the Brazelton Centre UK on September 21st, 2017.

See http://www.brazelton.co.uk/courses/conference for information on the 20th anniversary Conference to be held at the The Møller Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge. Speakers include Dieter Wolke, Sarah Lloyd-Fox, Topun Austin, Helen Sharp, Catherine Mei and Kevin Nugent will be the Keynote Speaker.  

To submit an abstract for the poster presentations, please click here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2QL9wYwBue2V0F3R3lacVp1NTg/view.  The deadline is August 1st.  

More News from the Brazelton Centre UK, www.brazelton.co.uk

by Director, Joanna Hawthorne, Ph.D.

The Brazelton Centre UK celebrated its 20th year with a celebration in the House of Lords on Wednesday May 3rd. Below is the photograph of the occasion. 

NBO Training – In 2016 we taught 43 NBO courses, the majority of which are invited courses in different areas of the UK. We train primarily health visitors, psychologists, midwives, nursery nurses, occupational and physical therapists who work in the community seeing the families at home or in a local clinic. Health managers in the NHS invite us to teach a course in their locality. Many of the areas in which we teach are located in some of the most deprived areas of the country. In many areas, NBO sessions are offered universally to every family when the babies are 2 weeks old (the New Birth Visit), but some areas offer the NBO at 6-8 weeks old. Many health visitors see the mothers during pregnancy, so they can highlight the baby’s behaviour and plan to do an NBO early in the postnatal period.

Joanna wishes Berry Brazelton a happy 99th birthday at the Brazelton Institute 

NBAS Training – In 2015, we taught 13 NBAS courses, as several areas of the country have adopted the Tameside and Glossop (near Manchester) model, where there is one NBAS trained practitioner to every 10 NBO trained practitioners. We also taught the NBAS to a research team (see Research). In 2016, we taught 2 NBAS courses, and certified several practitioners in the NBAS. All families receive the NBO at 2 weeks old, and then if they need additional support, they are referred to an NBAS trained practitioner, who can assess the baby in more detail, as well as provide additional support services to the family. In Tameside and Glossop, there is an Early Attachment Service led by a Clinical Psychologist, the NBAS trained practitioner (often a Specialist Health Visitor in Infant Mental Health) is a member of the multi-disciplinary group (see The Tameside and Glossop Early Attachment Service: Meeting the Emotional Need of Parents and their babies. Lee and Mee, (2015). Article in Community Practitioner. Derbyshire and Pennine NHS Trusts, UK have supported the Tameside & Glossop’s development of the Integrated Parent Infant Mental Health Care Pathway.

NBO and NBAS Trainers - In the UK, we have been teaching the NBAS since 1997 to practitioners and researchers. In 2009, we started teaching NBO courses. We have 16 Trainers who teach both NBO and NBAS , including 3 Senior Trainers and 2 Master Trainers, and 2 Facilitators following the Training for Trainers’ pathway.

Master Trainers

Joanna Hawthorne, Ph.D. Psychologist, Director Brazelton Centre UK; former member Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge

Betty Hutchon, D.Sc., Head Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Royal Free Hospital, London NW3

Senior Trainers

Jeanette Appleton, OT Trained in NIDCAP, NBAS and NBO and formerly at Neonatal Unit, Arrowe Park Hospital, Liverpool. In 2016, Jeanette co-taught the following courses: 8 NBO courses, 8 NBAS courses and certified 14 people in the NBAS.

Megan Eccleson, M.Sc. specialist Health visitor in infant mental health, Bristol NHS

Inge Nickell, M.Sc. Specialist Health visitor in infant mental health, Devon NHS

Full Trainers: Rita Al-Minyawi, Senior Sister, NICU; Melanie Gunning, Clinical and Research Psychologist; Deanna Gibbs, OT and Researcher; Lisa Hodge, Specialist Health visitor; Libi Deller, Clinical Psychologist; Maureen Lancaster, Specialist Health visitor; Alison Pritchard, Clinical Psychologist; Jenny Schooling, Physiotherapist, NICU; Maggie Wood, Health Visitor Practice Teacher.

Facilitators: Gui Marquine, OT; Katherine Pearce, Specialist Health Visitor; Elizabeth Swingler, Clinical Psychologist.

Office team: Tiffany Kerr, Kim Benn, Susana Nicolau, Sarah Lam and Janet Hatharamani

Touchpoints Training in the UK

In March, 2014, Pengreen Research Centre in Corby hosted NBO and Touchpoints training for some of their staff and community practitioners. In March, 2017, the Brazelton Centre UK has invited Touchpoints Faculty from Boston to teach a two-day individual level course to some Brazelton Centre UK Trainers as well as inviting others to apply. The course will be held at the Moller Conference Centre, Cambridge on the 21st and 22nd March, 2017.

Conferences attended

In May, 2016, Joanna Hawthorne, Betty Hutchon and Susana Nicolau attended the Brazelton meeting at WAIMH in Prague. We presented 3 posters at a Poster Workshop at WAIMH, and Betty Hutchon presented Deanna Gibb’s work in neonatal units (see references on our website)

(Betty Hutchon and Susana Nicolau at WAIMH (left) and Trainers at WAIMH NBONBASInternational dinner in the old city in Prague)

On the 22nd September, 2016 Kim Benn, Midwife and NBO evaluator, represented The Brazelton Centre at the Birthlight Conference held at Girton College, Cambridge.

On the 30th September, 2016 at the 20th Birthday Celebratory Conference of the Association of Infant Mental Health UK (AIMH UK), Susana Nicolau and Joanna Hawthorne presented a poster about health visitors using the NBO with families. In 84% of the families visited in their homes, both mother and father were present for the NBO session.

On November 15th, 2016, at the NorPIP Annual conference - Perinatal Mental Health and Infant Mental Health: Intrinsic links and Integrated strategies - Inge Nickell, Specialist health visitor in infant mental health and Brazelton Trainer presented a workshop: ‘Approaches to embedding parent-infant observation in the healthcare system: Using the Neonatal Behavioural Assessment Scale (NBAS) & Newborn Behavioural Observation (NBO)’.

On the 15th and 16th November, 2016  CPHVA Conference (Community Practitioners and Health Visitors Association). Susana Nicolau represented The Brazelton Centre UK, with the poster: 'Practitioners use of the NBO six months after the training course' 

On the 12th December, 2016: Babies in Mind Seminar – (Mums and Babies in Mind is a Maternal Mental Health Alliance project). In partnership with the Brazelton Centre UK. Mums and Babies in Mind is a Maternal Mental Health Alliance project, hosted by the Mental Health Foundation and funded by the Big Lottery Fund. Sally Hogg, Strategic Lead, Mums and Babies In Mind, invited the Brazelton Centre to join them in order to highlight the NBO and its impact. Sally Hogg introduced the event, one of several seminars planned for 2016-17. Joanna Hawthorne , CEO of the Brazelton Centre, described the NBO (and NBAS). She also presented Catherine Mee’s talk about the Perinatal and Infant mental Health pathway in Tameside. Deborah O’Dea presented a moving case study using the NBO with a depressed mother in Blackpool, and Catherine Whitcombe from Gloucestershire described the introduction of NBO training to Gloucestershire and gaining funding to train all health visitors there. The Q&A session highlighted the need to disseminate information about baby behaviour widely to other professionals who we are not reaching at the moment. The Brazelton Centre UK will be offering two hour Seminars to interested groups in 2017. Please contact susana@brazelton.co.uk to register your interest in a Seminar for your colleagues.


The Brazelton Centre UK is in discussion about three possible research projects:

  1. Looking at how health visitors use the NBO and its effect in Cambridgeshire
  2. Looking at mother-infant interaction during the NBO
  3. Carrying out an RCT on the effectiveness of the NBO

Article to appear

Jessica Halliday, Health Visitor in Sheffield, England has written an article in the upcoming January 2017 edition of the Community Practitioner about how using the NBO can facilitate positive relationships between parents and infants.

Brazelton Centre UK 20th anniversary celebrations: 1997-2017.

The first national UK Touchpoints Training course was delivered by Ann Stadtler and Jayne Singer at the Moller Centre, Cambridge UK on 21st and 22nd March, 2017. 

On March 23rd 2017, another Conference took place at the Royal Society of Medicine, London, organised by the Maternity and Newborn Forum in association with the Brazelton Centre UK. The keynote speaker was Dr. Jayne Singer, from Brazelton Touchpoints. Other speakers included Penelope Leach, Elizabeth Meins and Vicky Leong. A reception will be held afterwards to celebrate the Brazelton Centre UK's 20th anniversary. 

On 3rd May, 2017 at the House of Lords, London, there will be an evening reception hosted by Baroness Cumberlege and Baroness Benjamin to thank all those who have worked with and supported the Brazelton Centre UK since 1997. By invitation only.

The 20th anniversary Conference of the Brazelton Centre UK will take place on 21st September, 2017, with Professor Kevin Nugent, Director, Brazelton Institute, Boston - celebrating the work of the Brazelton Centre in the UK. Speakers will include researchers, clinicians, and parents who have used the NBO and NBAS in the UK.

Please see our website: www.brazelton.co.uk

Report on the NBAS and NBO from Middlesbrough

by Margaret M Wood, Health Visitor/practice teacher, Health Visiting and School Nursing Service, Middlesbrough Healthy Child

Here in Middlesbrough , England we continue to use Baby Stars (NBO and NBAS) on a very regular basis with many of our client. As nearly all our staff are now trained (another cohort trained in November 2016) aspects and under-pinning concepts are used throughout practice for all babies/families. However we continue to use NBO and NBAS as a "targeted" level 1+ intervention if there are ANY identified issues. We continue to use the intervention to enable parents to focus on the uniqueness of their baby (often amidst the overwhelming chaos of their lives). We use NBO on a regular basis but use NBAS if there are any underlying concerns regarding the baby. We feel that by using this intervention on a separate occasion we are highlighting/modelling to parents the importance of recognising the individuality of their baby.

Report on NBO and NBAS Training

by Jeanette Appleton, OT, Senior Trainer

In 2016, I co-taught the following courses: 8 NBO courses 8 NBAS courses and certified 14 people in the NBAS. I also presented a poster at WAIMH in May, 2016: Evaluating the impact of preparation for health visitors prior to attending the NBO training on later use with families: Jeanette Appleton, Inge Nickell and Susana Nicolau.

I authored a chapter on incorporating the NBAS/NBO into the Examination of the Newborn, which is done with all babies by midwives, nurses within 72 hours of birth and again by GP's at 6-8 weeks old, in the UK: 

Examination of the Newborn: An Evidence-Based Guide, Ed: Anne Lomax, Wiley Blackwell. First edition 2011; Second edition 2015.

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