South Africa

Ububele Educational and Psychotherapy Trust

Johannesburg, South Africa NBO Report

By Katharine Frost & Nicki Dawson

2016 was a busy year for Ububele’s NBO team. 13 Ububele staff members received their NBO certification in November 2015. During the year, this small team provided 807 NBO sessions to families living in and around Alexandra Township – an informal settlement in Johannesburg South Africa. These were provided in homes, clinics and hospitals.

In 2016, Ububele undertook a small research project. 25 families who received the NBO were followed up 3 months after the intervention, with a focus on maternal depression and child development. All families who received the NBO were tracked with regards to later take up of additional Ububele services. An additional sample was assessed for perceived confidence and knowledge about their newborn. The results showed an improvement in confidence and knowledge, and revealed an increase in take up of our home visiting service, suggesting increased confidence and trust in NBO practitioners. However, no gains were observed with regards to child development or maternal depression. The research results have led to changes in our intervention format – namely the inclusion of a second consultation for all NBO clients.

We - Katharine and Nicki presented a paper and a poster seminar on the use of the NBO in urban South Africa at the World Association of Infant Mental Health Conference in Prague in June 2016 (see photos below). These presentations covered the results outlined above, as well as the process of incorporating the NBO into Ububele’s pre-existing basket of infant mental health services.

In May 2017, we are planning to host the second ever NBO training in South Africa. The trainers are Campbell Paul and Susan Nicolson. We also endeavor to continue providing the NBO service to residents of Alexandra Township, through the local primary health care clinics and secondary hospital, and hope to exceed the number of NBOs administered in 2016.