by Izr. Prof. Dr. Darja Paro Panjan, dr. med., Predstojnica Kliničnega oddelka za neonatologijo, Pediatrična klinika, Univerzitetni klinični center, Ljubljana, Bohoričeva ulica 20.

Since 2009, eight participants have completed the NBAS training in Slovenia with Betty Hutchon and Joanna Hawthorne and two completed the NBO training in UK. In 2010 an international meeting took place at the University Children’s Hospital in Ljubljana, Slovenia where Kevin Nugent and Joanna Hawthorne presented NBAS and NBO. In 2016 there were five NBAS or NBO trained professionals at the Neonatal Department of the University Children’s Hospital in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Three of these routinely performed NBAS or NBO as an intervention to promote the understanding of the newborn behavior to their parents. In the future we plan to continue using both, the NBAS and NBO and we plan to evaluate the parent’s experiences with NBAS or NBO using the Parent Questionnaire, which we translated in 2016. Additionally, at the neonatal department we have regular weekly supportive group sessions for parents with NBAS trained nurse and clinical psychologists.