By Karolina Isio-Kurpińska

Since we do not yet have an NBAS Centre in Poland, our efforts mostly included “spreading the word” about NBAS and its uses in various clinical situations. These included:

  • a conference for nurses and midwives and a talk on the role of parents in care of preterm infants in the NICU (using the NBAS philosophy as a tool to strengthen parental competence)
  • a workshop on the NBAS and its uses at a conference on preterm infants
  • a presentation of the NBAS as one of the assessment and intervention tools for bonding at a psychological conference
  • The role of NBAS in the psychological care in obstetric unit for families of terminally ill infants (a conference for perinatal hospices)
  • We use the NBAS in our everyday work with parents of preterm babies, during workshops and support groups for them.
  • We also published a number of articles on the NBAS, its uses, principles and philosophy in a magazine for midwives, published and distributed by Johnson & Johnson Poland.

In 2017 we hope to finally set up a full NBAS Centre in Poland, organise an NBAS training course and hopefully a conference for midwives and nurses. We also plan to advertise NBAS in order to acquire more candidates for training and make NBAS available to more families - not only those at risk. Once a proper Centre is established our efforts to attract attention among medical professionals will gain credibility and bring better results.