New Zealand

NBAS Trainer - Danielle Atkins

Occupational Therapist Danielle Atkins from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand is the new NBAS trainer for Australia and New Zealand. She joins Beulah Warren who has been the lead NBAS trainer in Australia for many decades. Danielle completed her NBAS training at the Brazelton Centre in the UK under Betty Hutchon and is now ready to join Beulah as an NBAS Trainer for Australia and New Zealand. (Photo below, taken during Danielle's training with Beulah, shows Danielle interacting with a 5 week-old-baby during the NBAS).

Danielle has already participated in an Orientation to the NBAS training weekend conducted by Beulah in April 2016 and they are planning to present NBAS training in Aukland in 2017. Danielle is also preparing to become an NBO trainer and joined Campbell Paul and Susan Nicolson in delivering NBO training in Christchurch this year. She also joined Beulah, Campbell and Susan for NBO training at the Tresillian Family Care Centre in Sydney in November of this year.