Celebration in honor of Dr. Brazelton in Paris and NBO Training in Brest 

by Yvette Blanchard, Brazelton Center, US  

The symposium L'empreinte de T. Berry Brazelton sur le monde des bébés et de leur famille held in Paris in honor of Dr. Berry Brazelton was attended by an enthusiastic audience of 200 professionals working with children all over France and neighboring countries.  The symposium included lectures from NBAS trainers from France, Switzerland and Belgium and other collaborators from the French speaking countries of Europe. The lectures reviewed the past and current applications of Brazelton’s work in Europe with a strong emphasis on the future. 

Following the symposium in Paris, Yvette Blanchard and Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern offered an NBO training in Brest on May 15-16 to 30 participants working with families of young children (pediatricians, kinesitherapists, lactation consultants, nurses, midwives and “psychomotriciennes”). The training took place at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Brest, located in Brittany. The NBO training was hosted by Jacques Sizun, MD, chief neonatologist and founder of the NIDCAP France center in Brest in collaboration with his wife, Nathalie Ratynski, MD.  (Photos below feature Drs. Blanchard and Bruschweiler-Stern and a photo of the NBO trainees group in Brest).

2016 Activity report

by Marie Fabre- Grenet, Pediatrician. CAMSP Hôpital Nord - Marseille – France

I use the NBAS during my consultation, as a developmental specialist. When an at-risk baby is arrives with his/her parents, this first consultation is certainly the moment to build trust between me the baby and also between me as a partner in the “team” that we create around this particular baby and allows us plan the long term follow up and care. The babies who are referred to us are mostly prematurely born, but also, babies with Down Syndrome, too. I take the opportunity to allow the baby to show his/her parents how strong and competent he/she is, and how we support his/her adaptation to his/her environment. I also, have been asked to meet the parents and their baby in the maternity ward, or the neonatology, for a full-scale examination before discharge.

In 2016 I completed training as a member of the Early intervention team in our area (Mother-Infant Protection Program). This particular experience convinced me that the NBO was an appropriate training program for those primary intervention team members, many of whom are not medical doctors.

NBAS Trainers: Drina Candilis Huisman, Paris and Marie Fabre Grenet, Marseille