“An exciting Year” by Inge Nickell

2016 has been a very exciting year for Inge Nickell and Merethe Vinter (photo below) who delivered the NBO training in Denmark for 57 health visitors in September and October. The training is part of a large RCT project which will be looking at ‘What are the short and long term effects on child and family outcomes of a universal intervention delivered by a Health Visitor addressing the newborn ́s behavior in a shared observation with the parents (NBO)? The aim is to enhance the parent’s sensitivity to their infants’ unique capacities and thereby create an early parental understanding for the individual infant’s strengths as well as its needs.’ (Hanne Kronborg, 2016).

The training took place in four different districts. The health visitors arrived with lots of interest and enthusiasm. They all received an introduction by the research team prior to the two-day training to inform them of expectations of the project and the training. The goal was for all to be certified by 1.1.17. This was achieved by the exception of one health visitor who is on leave. Comments received following completion of the NBO certification and implementation.

The mother was in tears and thanked me many times for taking the time to listen and help her see her little boy is both strong and very sociable’. (Comment from a mother with a very poorly baby)

‘It has been really exciting using the NBO and an eye-opener for both the parents and myself’. (Health Visitor)

‘I have learned a lot through the use of NBO. A very good and usable intervention.’

“I am very happy to have gained NBO as a tool in my practice. I myself have become more observant of the individual baby and enjoy seeing the parents reactions.”

The plans for 2017 is to continue to support the health visitors using the NBO with families and review the feedback received from the training, parent questionnaires and general comments from the practitioners to tailor the training for the Danish health professionals.