A summary of our work in 2016 with the NBO in our practice in China

By Hui Li, Xi’an.

  1. Research grant application

At the beginning of 2016, Prof. Hui Li and her group applied for a research grant from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, entitled “Shaping of mother-infant interaction in early life: the regulation of prolactin on the adverse sequelae from prenatal stress”. In the research, the NBO is used as a potential intervention method to improve maternal and infant psychiatric and behavioral disorders from prenatal stress. The application was not successful but the grant will be submitted again this year.

  1. Using the NBO in clinical work and research

In our clinical work, Hui Li and her group continue to use NBO, especially with preterm infants (some infants’ GA are 26 weeks) and high-risk infants. We get fantastic results - all the babies develop very well, some of them are 3 years old this year. We highlight the strength-based approach in working with families. Parents develop an intimate relationship with infants.

  1. Conference Participation

Our group attended the 15th World Congress of the World Association for Infant Mental Health in Prague. One of our research projects was presented in a poster workshop: “Improvement of NBO model intervention on early mother-newborn interactions with prenatal maternal anxiety and depression”. In China, Hui Li and her group attended three Psychology Conferences and delivered lectures about infant behavior. In the 19th National Academic Congress of Psychology in China, Hui Li presented a symposium about “Mother and infant mental health”, and Dr. Huiping Zhang received an “excellent paper award” at the conference.

  1. Conference organization

In Dec 10, Prof. Hui Li and her group held a conference named “Mother and infant mental behavior and emotion management” in Xi’an. Hui Li introduced the NBO as a clinical tool to enhance the communication between parents and infants at the conference. The paper attracted lots of participants’ interest and was reported by TV station (see the video).