by Claire De Vriendt-Goldman and Marie-Paule Durieux, NBAS Trainers

Our Brazelton practice includes different activities. We still present the NBAS training for professionals, once a year, with an average of 4 new trainees per year. We teach the NBAS in different places and we insist on its useful application (Hospitals, Belgium Society of Psychoanalysis, congresses, study-days, Infancy training etc.). We also integrate the reflections associated with our NBAS practice into our publications. The following are specific examples of our outreach in Belgium:

  • Our "Brazelton day", an encounter organized every year in October with the current and former trainees, is really successful. During this event, we welcome questions about the practice, and about clinical situations that integrate a difficult “Brazelton” observation.
  • We recently set up a supervision group with several child psychiatrists interested in the NBAS and its transmission into the professional teams of the perinatal field.
  • Marie-Paule includes the presentation of the NBAS in the general training of professionals working in the daycares and the consultations for newborns that are dependent of the National Childhood Agency.
  • We also practice the NBAS within the regular follow-up of the preemie babies of the Hôpital Universitaire des Enfants and the Clinique Edith Cavell, in Brussels. Moreover, we use the scale in different perinatal situations; usually this observation is prescribed by the pediatricians, the nurses or the midwives. We make the professionals sensitive to the richness of the scale, providing the parents a moment focused on their new baby and his personal characteristics and competences, in a rewarding and protective way. 

Furthermore, as we look towards the future, we plan to create a Brazelton network of consultants that would bring together professionals from three hospitals and/or consultants who work with the National Childhood Agency.