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FDA Symposium Recap

Thank you to all who attended the TRP's FDA Symposium "Moving Ideas from Bench to Bedside: Challenges of Pre-Clinical Development" on September 30th.  Below are the links from Dr. Melissa Tassinari's lecture about the criteria the FDA requires in a pre-clinical program for new drug development as well as Dr. Charles Berde's experience developing two new anesthetic drugs and the challenges he is facing.  

TIS Awardee, Dr. Bernhard Kuhn's research accepted at PNAS

Dr. Kuhn, a researcher in the Children's Cardiovascular Program, is leading a team in developing treatments that would allow the heart to regenerate and strengthen following a heart attack.  With support from the TRP, he has been able to study heart samples from children undergoing cardiac surgery at the hospital to see if they respond to the same regenerative factors.  His TIS grant has allowed him to complete a cellular growth model of the human heart.  Click here to read his recently accepted paper.  

TRP Pilot Grant Awardee, Dr. Paolo Fiorina's research featured in Circulation

Dr. Paolo Fiorina (Division of Nephrology) recently had his TRP supported project published in Circulation.  Dr. Fiorina's project is titled "Role of B7.1 in Diabetic Nephropathy" where he evaluates the role of certain proteins in the mechanisms of DN.  For more information and to read Dr. Fiorina's paper, please click here.

TIS Awardee, Dr. Mustafa Sahin's research featured in the Fall 2011 Vector.

Dr. Sahin, a neurologist-neuroscientist in the Department of Neurology has been able to identify from genetic and cell studies that autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) result from abnormalities in how neurons connect to each other to establish brain circuitry. Based on findings in his lab, he has begun enrolling patients in a clinical trial to test whether drug treatments can improve a behavioral condition in children and young adults.  Dr. Sahin’s ultimate goal is to be able to use imaging in infancy to determine which patients are at high risk for autism so they can intervene early.  Click here to read the complete article in the Fall 2011 Vector. 

TRP Pilot Grant Awardee, Dr. Gerhard Wolf's research featured in the Fall 2011 Vector.

Dr. Wolf, a critical care doctor in Boston Children's Hospital's Department of Anesthesia, is leading a team along with postdoctoral fellow, Camille Gomez-Laberge, that is developing a solution to mechanical ventilation that can be used at a patient's bedside.  The devise is known as an Electric Impedance Tomography, EIT, and allows doctors to see lung imaging directly at a patient's bedside.  Click here to read the complete article from the Fall 2011 Vector.

TIS Awardee, Dr. Alex Rotenberg's research featured in the Fall 2011 Vector.

Dr. Rotenberg, a neurologist in the Children's Epilepsy Program, has been having success with an experimental technique that treats the disabling, treatment-resistant form of epilepsy.  This treatment is known as Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS). The treatment is completely non-invasive and involves placing a very strong magnet over the patient's scalp to induce small electrical currents inside the brain.  Click here to read the complete article from the Fall 2011 Vector.

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