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Louis Vernacchio, MD, MSc

Louis Vernacchio, MD, MSc
Medicine Research
General Pediatrics Research
Research Focus Area:
Quality improvementAsthma
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Research Overview

Dr. Vernacchio’s research is focused on improving the quality of pediatric healthcare and fostering innovations in the delivery of primary care for children. Current areas of interest include improving processes of asthma care to reduce asthma exacerbations, novel approaches to the interface between primary care and specialty care, and improving care for concussions and musculoskeletal injuries in the primary care setting.

About Louis Vernacchio MD, MSc

Dr. Vernacchio received his MD from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and his Masters in Epidemiology from Boston University. He completed his internship and residency in pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital. Dr. Vernacchio is a practicing primary-care pediatrician and partner at Longwood Pediatrics, LLP, and is also the Director of Research and Analysis for the Pediatric Physicians’ Organization at Children’s, an independent practice association of over 80 pediatric practices in Massachusetts affiliated with Boston Children’s Hospital.

Key Publications

  • Vernacchio L, Vezina RM, Mitchell AA. Management of acute otitis media by primary-care physicians: Trends since the release of the 2004 American Academy of Pediatrics/American Academy of Family Physicians Clinical Practice Guideline. Pediatrics. 2007;120(2):281-287.
  • Vernacchio L, Kelly JP, Kaufman DW, Mitchell AA. Medication use among U.S. children younger than 12 years: results from the Slone Survey, 1998-2007. Pediatrics. 2009;124:446-454.
  • Coco A, Vernacchio L, Horst M.  Management of Acute Otitis Media after Publication of the 2004 American Academy of Pediatrics/American Academy of Family Physicians Clinical Practice Guideline. Pediatrics. 2010;125(2):214-220.
  • de Ferranti SD, Daniels SR, Gillman M, Vernacchio L, Plutzky J, Baker AL. NHLBI Integrated Guidelines on Cardiovascular Disease Risk Reduction. Clin Chem. 2012;58(12):1626-1630.
  • Vernacchio L, Muto JM, Young G, Risko W. Ambulatory subspecialty visits in a large pediatric primary-care network. Health Serv Res. 2012;47(4):1755-1769.
  • Hoffman HJ, Daly KA, Bainbridge KE, Casselbrant ML, Homoe P, Kvestad E, Kvaerner KJ, Vernacchio L. Panel 1: Epidemiology, Natural History, and Risk Factors. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2013;148(4 Suppl):E1-E25.
  • Vernacchio L, Trudell EK, Muto JM. Correlation of care process measures with childhood asthma exacerbations. Pediatrics. 2013;131(1):e136-143.
  • Vernacchio L, Trudell EK, Hresko MT, Karlin LI, Risko W. A quality improvement program to reduce unnecessary referrals for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Pediatrics. 2013;131(3):e912-920.
  • Vernacchio L, Corwin MJ, Vezina RM, Pelton SI, Feldman HA, Coyne-Beasley T, Mitchell AA.  Xylitol Syrup for the prevention of acute otitis media. Pediatrics. 2014;133(2):289-295. PMCID: PMC3904279.
  • Vernacchio L, Francis ME, Epstein DM, Santangelo J, Trudell EK, Reynolds ME, Risko W.  Effectiveness of an asthma quality improvement program designed for maintenance of certification. Pediatrics. In press 2014.
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