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Anne Stack, MD

Anne Stack
Medicine Research
Emergency Medicine Research
Hospital Title:
Clinical Chief, Division of Emergency Medicine
Academic Title:
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
Research Focus Area:
Pediatric Emergency MedicineQuality improvement

Research Overview

As Clinical Chief of the Division of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Stack’s academic focus is on improving the quality of care for children seeking emergency treatment. She is a founding member of the Steering Committee of the Center Patient Safety and Quality Research of Boston Children’s Hospital. This group has been charged with the academic development of the quality and safety mission and with guiding the field of pediatrics in understanding what comprises excellent pediatric care. She is working to disseminate nationally the pediatric emergency quality measures she helped develop.

About Anne Stack

Anne Stack received her MD from Harvard Medical School, and completed Pediatric residency and Fellowship at Children’s Hospital Boston. Since 2005, she has been Clinical Chief of Emergency Medicine and is currently a Senior Associate Physician in Pediatric Medicine at Boston Children’s.

Key Publications

1. Stack AM, Saladino RA, Thompson C, Sattler F, Weiner D, Parsonnet J, Nariuchi H, Siber GR, Fleisher GR: Failure of prophylactic and therapeutic use of a murine anti-tumor necrosis factor monoclonal antibody in E. Coli sepsis in the rabbit. Crit Care Med  1995;23:1512-1518.

2. Stack AM and GL Caputo: Pneumomediastinum in childhood asthma. Ped Em Care 1996;12:98-101.

3. Saladino RA, Stack AM, Thompson C, Sattler F, Novitsky T, Siber GR, Fleisher GR: High dose recombinant endotoxin neutralizing protein improves survival in rabbits with E. Coli sepsis.  Crit Care Med  1996;24:1203-1207.

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