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Tracy Richmond, MD, MPH

Medicine Research
Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine Research
Hospital Title:
Research Scientist
Academic Title:
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Research Focus Area:
Racial/ethnic disparities in adolescent healthObesity
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Research Overview

Dr. Richmond's research focuses on environmental contexts such as neighborhoods and schools and their contribution to racial/ethnic disparities in adolescent health. More specifically, she has been looking at attributes of neighborhoods and schools that may contribute to differential rates of obesity and obesity related behaviors in adolescents.

Through her research, Dr. Richmond aims to:

  • Move beyond describing racial/ethnic disparities in health outcomes to understanding the etiology of the disparities
  • Understand the contributions of environmental contexts such as neighborhoods of residence or school attended to disparities in adolescent health behaviors and health outcomes

  • Better understand how public policy may impact health behaviors and health outcomes through their shaping of environments

About Tracy Richmond

Tracy Richmond received her MD from the University of Cincinnati and her MPH from the University of Michigan. She received additional training through the University of Michigan's Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program.

Key Publications

Richmond TK, Hayward RA, Gahagan S, Field AE, Heisler M. Can school income and racial/ethnic composition explain the racial/ethnic disparity in physical activity participation? Pediatrics. 2006;17:2158-2166.



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