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Stavroula  Osganian, MD, ScD

Stavroula Osganian
Medicine Research
General Pediatrics Research
Hospital Title:
Co-Chief, Clinical Research Center
Academic Title:
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
Research Focus Area:
Obesity prevention
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Research Overview

Dr. Osganian's research interests and activities have focused on studies of youth cardiovascular health promotion including obesity, smoking cessation, and nutritional supplement interventions. She has had a leadership role in one of the largest, nationally recognized NIH-funded school-based studies of cardiovascular health promotion in the United States, the Child and Adolescent Trial for Cardiovascular Health (CATCH) as well as several other epidemiological and school or community based studies.

About Stavroula Osganian, MD, ScD, MPH

Stavroula Osganian received an MD degree from UMASS Worcester Medical School, an MPH from UMASS Amherst School of Public Health, and an ScD from Harvard School of Public Health. She completed an internship in Pediatrics at New England Medical Center Floating Hospital for Children, a Preventive Medicine residency and Preventive Cardiology research fellowship at UMASS Medical Center, Worcester.

Active Projects

2014 POOL Research Registry: A Registry of Obese and Overweight Youth at Boston Children’s Hospital

The Milton Fund

This project will establish a well characterized cohort of obese and overweight patients at Boston Children’s Hospital as well as a biorepository of specimens in order to conduct research to better understand the biologic mechanisms of obesity and develop new and more effective approaches to prevention and treatment. 


Publications powered by Harvard Catalyst Profiles
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