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Mark  Neuman, MD, MPH

Medicine Research
Emergency Medicine Research
Hospital Title:
Research director, Division of Emergency Medicine; Senior Associate Physician in Medicine
Academic Title:
Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Research Focus Area:
Infectious DiseasesPneumonia
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Research Overview

Dr. Neuman’s research interests include the diagnostic evaluation of common presenting infectious diseases in the emergency setting. His previous work has included studies on pneumonia, meningitis, fever, and sepsis. His recent efforts have focused on evaluation and care of children with pneumonia.

About Mark Neuman

Mark Neuman received his MD in Medicine from the SUNY Health Science Center. He did a residency in Pediatrics at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, and a fellowship in Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital. Dr. Neuman was a NRSA research fellow, and obtained an MPH in clinical effectiveness at the Harvard School of Public Health. Dr. Neuman joined the faculty of the Division of Emergency Medicine at Children’s Hospital in 2002.

Key Publications

• Nigrovic L, Kuppermann N, Neuman MI. Risk factors for traumatic lumbar puncture in children. Annals of Emergency Medicine, 2007;49(6):762-71.

Neuman MI, Monuteaux MC, Scully K, Bachur R. Prediction of pneumonia in a pediatric emergency department. Pediatrics, 2011; 128:246-53.

• Nigrovic LE, Kimia AA, Shah SS, Neuman MI. Relationship between cerebrospinal fluid glucose and serum glucose. N Engl J Med, 2012 Feb 9;366(6):576-8.

• Wingerter S, Bachur R, Monuteaux M, Neuman MI. Application of the World Health Organization criteria to predict radiographic pneumonia in a U.S. based pediatric emergency department. Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, 2012; 31(6):561-564.

Neuman MI, Hall M, Hersh AL, Brogan V, Parikh K, Newland JG, Blaschke AJ, Williams DJ, Grijalva CG, Tyler A, Shah SS. Influence of hospital guidelines on children hospitalized with pneumonia. Pediatrics, 2012;130(5):e823-830.

• Aronson PL, Thurm C, Alpern ER, Alessandrini EA, Williams DJ, Shah SS, Nigrovic LE, McCulloh RJ, Schondelmeyer A, Tieder JS, Neuman MI. Variation in care of the febrile young infant < 90 days in U.S. pediatric emergency departments. Pediatrics, 2014; 134(4)667-77.

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