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Audrey  Marshall, MD

Audrey Marshall, MD
Cardiology Research
Hospital Title:
Associate in Cardiology
Academic Title:
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
Research Focus Area:
Advanced fetal care

Research Overview

Audrey Marshall has helped to build the fetal cardiac interventional program. Her current research interests focus on the development and testing of instruments and devices specifically designed for fetal interventional procedures.

About Audrey Marshall

Audrey Marshall received her MD from the University of Pennsylvania. She completed an internship, residency, and fellowship at Boston Children's Hospital.

Key Publications

  • Marshall AC, van der Velde ME, Tworetzky W, Gomez CA, Wilkins-Haug L, Benson CB, Jennings RW, Lock JE.� Creation of an atrial septal defect in utero for fetuses with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and intact or highly restrictive atrial septum. Circulation 2004; 110: 529-33.

  • Marshall AC, Love BA, Lang P, Jonas RA, del Nido P, Mayer JE, Lock JE. Staged repair of tetralogy of Fallot and diminutive pulmonary arteries using a fenestrated ventricular septal defect patch. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 2003; 126: 1427-33.

  • Marshall AC, Lock JE. Structural and compliant anatomy of the patent foramen ovale in patients undergoing transcatheter closure. American Heart Journal 2000; 140: 303.
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