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Anne Moskowitz, PhD, OD

Anne Moskowitz
Infant Vision Laboratory
Ophthalmology Research
Hospital Title:
Research Associate in Ophthalmology
Academic Title:
Instructor of Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School
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Research Overview

Education. Dr. Moskowitz earned a PhD in experimental psychology from Northeastern University and completed postdoctoral fellowships in the Infant Vision Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and in the Electrophysiology Laboratory at Pennsylvania College of Optometry. She also earned a doctor of optometry (OD) from the New England College of Optometry accelerated program. 

Research. Her research, performed in conjunction with Drs. Anne Fulton and Ronald Hansen in the Boston Children’s Hospital Department of Ophthalmology, involves the investigation of retinal and cortical visual function and retinal structure in infants and children with various eye and brain anomalies as well as in those with normal visual development. Of primary interest are the effects of premature birth; secondary interests are retinal degenerations and dystrophies, albinism, and cerebral visual impairment.  

. As a part-time Associate Professor in the Vision Science Department at the New England College of Optometry, Dr. Moskowitz lectures and conducts hands-on laboratory sessions in graduate level courses in theory and methods of vision testing, light measurement, and binocular vision and ocular anomalies. Topics include visual psychophysics, signal detection theory, color vision testing, and eye movement recording.  

Clinical Contributions
. In the BCH Department of Ophthalmology, Dr. Moskowitz conducts VEP recording in patients with such conditions as cerebral visual impairment, albinism, and craniosynostosis.


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