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Michael Landzberg, MD

Michael Landzberg
Cardiology Research
Hospital Title:
Associate in Cardiology; Associate Director, Adult Pulmonary Hypertension Program Director, Boston Adult Congenital Heart (BACH)
Academic Title:
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Research Focus Area:
Adult congenital heart defects

Research Overview

Michael Landzberg's major research interests relate to understanding congenital heart disease as it displays itself in the adult patient, with particular focus on three areas--pulmonary hypertension and vascular disease, heart failure/mechanics, and the role of interventional catheterization.

About Michael Landzberg

Michael Landzberg received his MD from Harvard Medical School. He completed an internship and residency at Columbia University and a fellowship at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Key Publications

  • Khairy P, O'Donnell CP, Landzberg MJ. Transcatheter closure versus medical therapy of patent foramen ovale and presumed paradoxical thromboemboli: a systematic review. Annals of Internal Medicine 2003; 139: 753-760.
  • Fernandes SM, Newburger JW, Lang P, Pearson DD, Feinstein JA, Gauvreau KK, Landzberg MJ. Usefulness of epoprostenol therapy in the severely ill adolescent/adult with Eisenmenger physiology. American Journal of Cardiology 2003; 91: 46-49.
  • Landzberg MJ, Murphy DJ, Davidson WR, Jarcho JA, Kurmholz HM, et al. Task force 4: Organization of delivery systems for 
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