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Andrew Fine, MD, MPH

Andrew Fine
Medicine Research
Emergency Medicine Research
Hospital Title:
Associate Physician in Medicine
Academic Title:
Assistant Professor in Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Research Focus Area:
InformaticsClinical Prediction RulesBiosurveillanceHealth Information Exchange
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Research Overview

A specialist in Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Dr. Andrew Fine’s research focuses on bridging public health informatics with medical decision sciences. He has published a series of innovative manuscripts demonstrating the methods and the value of incorporating epidemiological context into medical decision making.

The research examines approaches to building models that incorporate local trends and help guide rational testing and treatment for diseases of great public health importance, including meningitis, pertussis, Lyme disease and group A streptococcal pharyngitis. Dr. Fine is also engaged actively in projects evaluating the usage and impact of evidence-based guidelines in the emergency department, as well as the value of health information exchange. Dr. Fine has received several teaching awards and has served as a group tutorial leader for the required Clinical Epidemiology and Population Health course for 1st year Harvard Medical School students. Dr. Fine has been elected to The Society for Pediatric Research.

About Andrew Fine

Andrew Fine majored in History and received his A.B. from Harvard. He received his M.P.H. from the John Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health and his M.D. from the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine. He completed a residency in pediatrics and then served as Chief Resident at the University of California, San Francisco. He moved to Boston Children’s Hospital, where he completed his Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship. He continued as a Research Fellow for the Center for Biopreparedness for two years after and he joined the faculty in 2005.

Key Publications

• Fine AM, Wong JB, Fraser HS, Fleisher GR, Mandl KD. Is it influenza or anthrax? A decision analytic approach to the treatment of patients with influenza-like illnesses. Ann Emerg Med. 2004 Mar;43(3):318-28.

• Fine AM, Reis BY, Nigrovic LE, Goldmann DA, Laporte TN, Olson KL, Mandl KD. Use of population health data to refine diagnostic decision-making for pertussis. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2010 Jan-Feb;17(1):85-90.

• Fine AM, Brownstein JS, Nigrovic LE, Kimia AA, Olson KL, Thompson AD, Mandl KD. Integrating spatial epidemiology into a decision model for evaluation of facial palsy in children. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2011 Jan;165(1):61-7.

• Fine AM, Nizet V, Mandl KD. Improved diagnostic accuracy of group A streptococcal pharyngitis with use of real-time biosurveillance. Ann Intern Med. 2011 Sep 20;155(6):345-52.

• Fine AM, Nizet V, Mandl KD. Large-scale validation of the Centor and McIsaac scores to predict group A streptococcal pharyngitis. Arch Intern Med. 2012 Jun 11;172(11):847-52.

• Fine AM, Nizet V, Mandl KD. Participatory medicine: A home score for streptococcal pharyngitis enabled by real-time biosurveillance: a cohort study. Ann Intern Med. 2013 Nov 5;159(9):577-83

• Guse SE, Neuman MI, O'Brien M, Alexander ME, Berry M, Monuteaux MC, Fine AM. Implementing a guideline to improve management of syncope in the emergency department. Pediatrics. 2014 Nov;134(5):e1413-21.

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