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Richard  Bachur, MD

Richard Bachur MD
Medicine Research
Emergency Medicine Research
Hospital Title:
Chief of the Division of Emergency Medicine
Academic Title:
Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School
Research Focus Area:
Pediatric Emergency Medicine
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Research Overview

Dr. Bachur’s research interests include the diagnostic evaluation of common presenting conditions. His previous work has included studies on febrile infants, pneumonia, urinary tract infection, and appendicitis. His recent efforts have focused on the development and application of clinical prediction rules and biomarkers to support clinical decision making.

About Richard Bachur

Richard Bachur attended the University of California, Los Angeles, where he received his MD. Dr. Bachur went on to complete his residency and Emergency Medicine Fellowship at Children’s Hospital Boston. In 2010, Richard was a participant in a program that prepares faculty for future Chief appointments in Clinical Service.

Key Publications

  • Weihmiller (Nowygrod) S, Buonomo C, Bachur R. Risk Stratification of Children Being Evaluated for Intussusception. Peds 127(2):e296-303, 2011.
  • Kentsis A, Lin YY, Kurek K, Calicchio M, Wang L, Monigatti F, Campagne F, Lee R,  Horwitz B, Steen H, Bachur R. Discovery and validation of urine markers of acute appendicitis using high accuracy mass spectrometry. Annals of Emergency Medicine. 55:62-70, 2010.
  • Shah S, Mathews B, Neuman M, Bachur R. Detection of occult pneumonia in a pediatric emergency department. Ped Emerg Care.26(9): 615-21, 2010.
  • Thompson A, Mannix R, Bachur R. Acute Pediatric Monoarticular Arthritis: Distinguishing Lyme Arthritis from Other Etiologies. Pediatrics, 123(3):959-65, 2009.
  • Maniaci V, Dauber A, Weiss S, Nylen E, Becker K, Bachur R. Procalcitonin in Young Febrile Infants for the Detection of Serious Bacterial Infection. Pediatrics,122(4): 701-10, 2008.
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