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Gerard  Berry, MD

Gerald Berry
Medicine Research
Genetics and Genomics Research
Hospital Title:
Director, Metabolism Program
Academic Title:
Professor in Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
Research Focus Area:
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Research Overview

Gerard T. Berry, MD is a biochemical geneticist and pediatric endocrinologist whose interests include hereditary galactosemia, myo-inositol metabolism in brain, especially during fetal development, as well as a number of other metabolic diseases. He was awarded a grant from the Galactosemia Foundation to study neurons derived from IPs cells following reprogramming of cultured skin fibroblasts obtained from patients with galactosemia. Dr. Berry is interested in transcriptomic and metabolomic differences in galactosemia neurons exposed to galactose stress vs. those that have undergone CHRISPR gene correction. In order to better understand genotype-phenotype relationships, Dr. Berry is establishing an international registry/database in RedCap of patients with galactosemia. As certain patients with galactosemia may develop brain myo-inositol deficiency, Dr. Berry is studying the mechanisms of neurotoxicity of brain myo-inositol depletion in a sodium/myo-inositol cotransporter knockout animal project. Lastly, he is the site PI for a NIH-funded multicenter trial to determine the effect of the drug, Carbaglu®, on hyperammonemia in patients with urea cycle disorders and organicacidemias.

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