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Career Development Committee

The career development committee strives to provide information and training to help post-docs navigate career choices and develop professional skills needed to reach their career goals. We organize monthly seminars on diverse topics and provide resources to help post-docs during every step of their training.

Contact Swetha Murali, Nidhi Malhotra, Ingrid Aries, Matthew Boersma, Senthil Kumar Sivagurunathan, Ivan Tochitsky and Zhangxio Wang at

Mentoring Committee  

The mentoring committee aims to help post-docs identify and develop skill sets required for a successful tenure at Boston Children’s Hospital and prepare them for life after post-doc. We organize peer-mentoring groups that meet on a regular basis during the academic year as well as an annual All-Star Mentoring Event with renowned faculty members in the Boston area. We are also in the process of organizing mentoring circles with scientists who work in industry. Stay tuned for more info!

Contact Silvio Alessandro Digioia, Manasvi Shah, Jasbir Dalal, Daniela Fera and Xuefeng Liu at

Social Committee

The social committee’s goal is to have post-docs from different departments and programs come together to get to know each other and to network. We will organize monthly events ranging from pub tours to sports events.

Contact Claire Doyle, Felicia Ciuculescu, Sandrine Ettou and Anne Robertson at

Media and Public Affairs Committee

Communication is pivotal to every organization and its stakeholders. The Public Affairs Committee provides information about essential issues affecting our member post-docs both at BCH and within the Boston research hub via quarterly newsletters and social media. Externally, we aim to educate non-scientist key opinion leaders as to the role post-doctoral fellows play in the biomedical research community.

Contact Cynthia Gubbels, Jessica Harris, Krishnakali Dasgupta, Seungkgu Lee and Avantika Singh at

Advocacy Committee

Nader Ghasemlou and Silva Krause co-founded the PDA and built a liaison with Boston Children’s leadership to develop guidelines for all research fellows at Boston Children’s Hospital. The current advocacy committee continue their work communicating with Boston Children's leadership to create a great working experience for all fellows.

Current committee members are Elizabeth Buttermore, Bhagat Singh, Sabrina Absalon, Xiao-Ping Liu, Joe Sarkis and Ellen Van Rooijen.

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