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Advocacy Committee

Nader Ghasemlou and Silva Krause co-founded the PDA and built a liaison with Boston Children’s leadership to develop guidelines for all research fellows at Boston Children’s Hospital. 

The PDA Advocacy committee seeks to inform leadership on the needs and concerns of the postdoc community to improve the postdoc experience. We conduct a detailed annual survey of postdocs examining demographics, salary, cost-of-living, career goals, conference attendance, mentorship, overall satisfaction, and other metrics. The aggregated survey results are presented to leadership and faculty. When improved postdoc policies take effect, we reach out to promote awareness of those policies and for feedback from the postdoc community regarding implementation. Our vision is for postdocs to have a very positive experience at Children's Hospital, one that allows for scientific passion and achievement as well as a balanced life outside of the lab.

Current committee members are Swetha Murali, Cynthia Gubbels, Bhagat Singh, Sabrina Absalon, Ingrid Aries, Ratnakar Potla, Joe Sarkis and Ellen Van Rooijen.

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