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Career Development

Our goal is to provide resources to help post-docs develop the skills needed for their chosen career track. We strive to provide information and training to help post-docs navigate career choices and develop the professional skills needed to reach their career goals.  We organize monthly seminars on diverse topics and provide resources to help post-docs during every step of their training.

Have an idea for a career development seminar? Email us at and let us know! 

The Career Development Committee is chaired by Swetha Murali and Nidhi Malhotra and meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 12:00 pm in the CLS 12th floor kitchen area.

Upcoming Events


  • January 2014: How to land a job in industry and maintain it - Randall K. Ribaudo, SciPhd Training Programs, Human Workflows, LLC
  • December 2013: Women in bio-transition from academia to industry, a woman's perspective - Pamela Carroll, Ph.D., Catherine Thut, Ph.D., Carrie Painter, Ph.D., and Elisabeth Fine, Ph.D. CMPP
  • November 2013: Demystifying consulting - Emily Walsh, Ph.D., Laura Sullivan, Ph.D., and Matthew Tambiah, MBA
  • October 2013: Not-networking 101 building relationships for success - Joanne Kaemens, Ph.D.
  • September 2013: How to successfully start your own research lab - Dragana Rogulja Ph.D., Max Heiman Ph.D., and Pascal Kaesar Ph.D.
  • July 2013:  Life as an Editor/Writer - Ann Goldstein (Scientific Editor, Neuron), Ava Taylor (Contract Medical Writer, BioBridges, LLC), Julie R. Ingelfinger (Deputy Editor, The New England Journal of Medicine), Marisa Greenfield (Writing Consultant, Greenfield Medical Writing), Effie Tzameli (Editor, Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism).
  • May 2013: Ten Commandments of Work/Life Balance - Joanne Kamens, Addgene Executive Director
  • May 2013: How to Network - Nadia Nassif, founder of the communication consulting firm Springboard Consulting
  • April 2013: Resume Writing Workshop - Lauren Celano, Founder and CEO, Proper Careers
  • March 2013: Career Strategy Seminar: Technology Licensing and Patent Law - Mandy Roberts-Crowley, Technology Transfer Specialist at BIDC and Stanley King, Technology Licensing Associate at MIT
  • February 2013: Ken Rhodes, VP Neurology Discovery at Biogen Idec and Rita Balice-Gordon, VP and Head, Integrative Neuroscience and Circuitry at Pfizer, Inc.
  • January 2013: Chalk talk for Academic Job Search - Tom Schwartz, Beth Stevens, Michael Do, and Max Heiman
  • November 2012: Career Strategy Seminar - Sarah Cardozo Duncan, founder of the consulting firm Career Strategist
  • October 2012: How to Land a Tenure Track Position in Acadamia -  Amy Brock, post-doc at BCH (UT-Austin position) and Christian Mosiman, post-doc at BCH (University of Zurich position)
  • August 2012: Career Options Seminar:  Liberal Arts Professor - Rob Bellin, Associate Professor of Biochemistry at College of the Holy Cross
  • July 2012: How to Fund a Startup Company - Jason Fuller, Venture Capitalist Principal with Third Rock Ventures and Farhad Imam, physician-entrepreneur at Children's.
  • June 2012: Career Options Seminar: Drug Development and Clinical Trials Management - Jana von Hehn from Seaside Therapeutics.
  • May 2012: How the Technology and Innovation Development Office can aid your research - David Altman and Keeley Wray,TIDO.


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