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Welcome to BCH and Boston

The Office of Fellowship Training (OFT) was established  in 2000. OFT programs are open all research and clinical fellows. The OFT seeks to organize events that will enrich the experience of fellows during their time at Children's. Fellowship is often the component of academic training in which one is the most isolated, within a department, division, or even a laboratory. Therefore, one of the most important goals of our events, in addition to providing training in areas not normally covered by divisional and departmental programs, is to provide venues for interaction among fellows from all departments. Increased interaction among fellows from different departments and divisions not only improves the training experience, but also gives each fellow a greater sense of "belonging" to Children's Hospital as an Institution. The OFT does not seek to replace the role of the division or department in establishing formal training programs for fellows, or overseeing the progress of research fellows.

The OFT maintains a distribution list of over 550 CHB fellows - both clinical and research - with both internal and external e-mail addresses. We update this list on an annual basis according to the Children's Hospital Medical Registry. In addition, throughout the year, we encourage new fellows throughout the year to submit their e-mail address to our office. If you know someone who is not on this list and would like to be added, please notify us at This list is only used to advertise events for fellows and is not available for other use.

In addition to our distribution list, for every event, we both e-mail and post flyers within Karp, Enders, and the main hospital - both in research and clinical areas - to advertise.

The Office of Fellowship Training is always open to new suggestions that can improve fellows' adjustment and career development. Please e-mail any ideas to

In addition, please contact us to let us know if holding events at non-traditional times, such as a Saturday morning, would make it possible for you to attend. Also, if there are particular topics that you would like to hear presented, please inform us.

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