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Forms and Policies

Table of Contents

I. Program Overview: Mission, Aims and Goals
  a. EQuIP Program and Services Handout

II. EQuIP Routine Quality Improvement Audits

a. EQuIP Routine Quality Improvement Audit Summary
b. Routine Quality Improvement Audit (Prep) Form
c. Consent Version List
d. Subject Review Monitoring Form
e. Meeting Notes and Discussion Form
f. Final Report Template
g. PI Response form Template

III. IRB Review
a. Study Review Monitoring (Prep) Form

IV. New/Transfer Investigator Training
a. New/Transfer Investigator Meeting Checklist

V. Sponsor-Investigator Responsibilities Training
a. IND Sponsor-Investigator Responsibilities Checklist
b. IDE SR Sponsor-Investigator Responsibilities Checklist
c. IDE NSR Sponsor-Investigator Responsibilities Checklist

VI PI and Research Community Feedback

VII. Reporting PI and Research Community Findings and Feedback

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