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Winau Lab Publications

Publications from “2016”

Scramblase TMEM16F terminates T cell receptor signaling to restrict T cell exhaustion. 
Hu,Y., Kim,JH, He,K., Wan,Q., Kim,J., Flach,M., Kirchhausen,T., Vortkamp,A., and Winau,F.
The Journal of Experimental Medicine. In Press. 

UTX regulates lineage-specific epigenetic program of iNKT cells.
Beyaz,S., Kim,JH., Pinello,L., Xifaras,ME., Hu,Y., Huang,J., Kerenyi,MA., Das,PP., Barnitz,RA., Herault,A., Dogum,R., Haining,WN., Yilmaz,O., Passegue,E., Yuan,G-C., Orkin,SH., and Winau,F. 
Nature Immunology. In Press. 

CD1a on Langerhans cells controls inflammatory skin disease. 
Kim JH, Hu Y, Yongqing T, Kim J, Hughes VA, Nours JL, Marquez EA, Purcell AW, Wan Q, Sugita M, Rossjohn J, Winau F.
Nature Immunology Oct;17(10):1159-66. 

Publications from “2014”

Thinking inside the box: endogenous α-anomeric lipid antigens.
Kim, J., Kim, JH., and Winau, F.
Immunity. 41(4): 505-6. (2014).

Publications from “2011”

Seven steps to stellate cells.
Maschmeyer, P., Flach, M., and Winau, F.
J Vis Exp. 51, 2710. (2011), Volume: 51.

Publications from “2010”

The immunological functions of saposins.
Darmoise A, Maschmeyer P, Winau F
Adv Immunol. (2010), Issue: 105, Pages: 25-62.

Lysosomal alpha-galactosidase controls the generation of self lipid antigens for natural killer T cells.
Darmoise A, Teneberg S, Bouzonville L, Brady RO, Beck M, Kaufmann SH, Winau F.
Immunity. (2010), Volume: 33, Issue: 2, Pages: 216-28.

Publications from “2009”

Natural killer T cells activated by a lipopeptidophosphoglycan from Entamoeba histolytica are critically important to control amebic liver abscess.
Lotter,H., Gonzalez-Roldan,N., Lindner,B., Winau,F., Isibasi,A., Moreno-Lafont,M., Ulmer,A.J., Holst,O., Tannich,E., and Jacobs,T.
PLoS Pathog. (2009), Volume: 5, Pages: e1000434.

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